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3 Tips for Mixing Silver and Gold Jewellery

As mixing jewellery became a trend in 2022, out team decided to prepare some tips to help you create a seamless look while mixing silver and gold metals.


  • Layer jewellery to create visual interest. When mixing silver and gold metals, you should layer different jewellery pieces on top of each other or very close by—for instance, multiple necklaces around your neck or a few rings on your fingers. We suggest to choose necklaces of different lengths to avoid tangling, and rings that have same shape or of varying thicknesses to create some visual interest.


  • Opt for balanced look. When mixing different styles of silver and gold metals, a good rule is to wear not more than 3 pieces in one area. For example, If you like bracelets, wear one or two bracelets of each metal. Try to mix metals evenly throughout the look. 


  • Find a mixed silver and gold jewellery piece. Mixed metal jewellery piece is always a good idea as it will look good with any jewellery - consider buying a copper-and-silver watch or a yellow gold necklace with white gold accent colors. Additionally, a mixed metal ring can also naturally serve as a “bridging piece” between the two metals.

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